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EICC & GeSI Statement

Tranwo EICC Statement

Tranwo declared that we commitment to comply with the "Electronics Industry Code of Conduct". Also hope that our suppliers to comply with its policy, contains no "conflict minerals" policy. To get more information about the EICC, please explore on the website www.eicc.info

Tranwo Statement of Conflict Minerals

Conflict Mineral means, Au, Ta, W & Sn, from non-governmental military groups in the Democratic Republic of the Congo or illegal military factions under the control of the mining area of the conflict areas. Illegal mining profits by the local military groups is stolen from the citizens, and the cause of human rights violations, environmental degradation in the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo. To learn more about the Conflict mineral, please visit the website as below,

Tranwo expect, our suppliers to comply with the EICC, the procurement of materials from environmentally and socially responsible suppliers. Tranwo has been taken to ensure that our suppliers meet those expectations. However, due to the complexity of the metal supply chain, we are currently unable to verify the origin of all metals used in our products. To support this, Tranwo will be committed to:(1) ask our suppliers, if there is a conflict mineral is used to provide items to Tranwo,we immediately inform(2) require our suppliers and their supply chain commercially reasonable due diligence to ensure that the items provided to the masterpieces of metal and did not come from conflict areas.