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Q57. When does the IR light turn on?

Both VMi11x and VMi120: When the lumiance is under 4~8 lux.

Q58. Can I turn the IR light on manually?

Both VMi11x and VMi120: No, the IR light is controlled by our sensor.

Q59. Can I delete the event logs?

The VMi11x: Do not support it.
The VMi120: No, you can not delete the even logs. Only you reboot or restore default the camera, the event history will dismiss.

Q60. How can I upgrade the firmware for my camera?

The VMi11x: Do not support FW upgrade.
The VMi120: Please download the guide from "VMi120 FW upgrade procedure".

Q61. Can I view multi-cameras at the same time on the APP?

Both VMi11x and VMi120: No, the multi-view does not support.

Q62. I can see the video but no audio.

Both VMi1x and VMi120: Make sure you have turn the audio on.


Q63. What is Pan and Tilt range of my camera?

The VMi11x:
Our VMi110,VMi111A,VMi111B, and VMi112 do not support Pan and Tilt.
For VMi113 product: Horizontal direction is 270 degree Vertical direction is 120 degree.
The VMi120: Horizontal direction is 270 degrees. Vertical direction is 120 degree.

Q64. What is the different between local view and Internet view?

The VMi11x:
Local View: The smartphone/tablet can connect to camera directly without other wireless device. You can take it as an access point and it provides video for viewing.
Internet View: Both your smartphone/tablet and camera need to connect Internet. The video are delivered by Internet.
The VMi120: Do not support it.

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